What ingredients do you use?

We try to use natural, safe ingredients with the goal of reducing or eliminating ingredients that may cause sensitivities or reactions, such as harsh fragrances or dyes. Check product descriptions for full ingredient lists. If you have a question, email us!

How much is shipping?

Shipping rates are calculated at checkout based on the weight of your order. All orders $35 and up get FREE shipping!

Where do you ship to?

We ship everywhere within the contiguous U.S. (i.e. not Hawaii or Alaska).

Where are your products made?

Each product is lovingly handmade in Lithonia, Georgia.

What scent should I get?

Customers have found favorites in every scent we offer. Certain essential oils have been attributed with properties that could make some scents a better fit than others. For example, those with acne-prone skin could possibly get extra benefits by purchasing products with a Tea Tree Lavender scent, according to some anecdotal evidence. If you have questions or want a free recommendation based on your needs, email us! Be sure to try our new seasonal scents when they're available!

Why is my product separated/melted/etc.?

Due to the natural ingredients we strive to use, some separation may occur in some products on rare occasions. If this happens to you, simply mix the separated ingredients together again. Some products, especially moisturizers and scrubs, may experience melting during the shipping process. If you live in a warm climate, and/or are receiving products from March-September, you may want to consider selecting Expedited Shipping at checkout to reduce the risk of melting/separation. Put any products you suspect to have melted in the fridge for about 15 minutes prior to opening. After the product has solidified, simply store in a cool, dry place to prevent it from remelting. If you have any problems, please email balmingileadskincare@gmail.com and we will do all we can to resolve the issue.

What is the shelf life of Balm in Gilead products?

Shelf life varies, but due to the natural ingredients used and minimal preservatives, it is recommended to use your products soon after receiving them. As a general guideline the shelf life for most products (when stored with the lid on tightly in a cool, dry place) is 1-2 years. Face masks are recommended for use within 6 months of purchase.