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3 Skin Benefits from Seaweed Extract

Those mermaids are really onto something... Keep reading for 3 amazing benefits your skin gets from our seaweed-extract-infused Mermaid Collection!   1. Anti-aging Did you know that studies have shown seaweed extracts to be effective at protecting against ultraviolet radiation damage as well as reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles?? No wonder mermaids always look so youthful.   2. Effective against hyperpigmentation and redness Seaweed contains natural tyrosinase inhibitors, which disrupt the process that causes hyperpigmentation. Inflammation and redness can also be reduced through the use of seaweed-derived ingredients!   3. Moisturizing The amino acids found in seaweed provide moisturizing effects for the skin, and seaweed extracts also works to protect the skin barrier, keeping moisture in.   Don't just...

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50 Things to Do While in Quarantine

If you're in quarantine right now, congratulations! You are doing your part to help keep the curve manageable for healthcare professionals and protecting those most at risk for the virus. But I also know that it can be hard to change your routine. So here are 50 things to do while in quarantine!

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8 Easy Ways to Go Green

I love our planet, and I'm all for saving it and showing it some love. But I'm not exactly completely zero-waste just yet. So I'm reaching out to all those who, like me, want to do a bit more to save the earth and are willing to make small changes to make a big difference. From taking a walk to reusable skin care containers, here are some tiny ways to go green!

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My Fight With Eczema

I have struggled with ever-worsening eczema for most of my life. Through cracked knuckles, lips, and eyelids; through unbearable itching that led to scabs and bruises, I often found myself crying out: "Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there? Why then is not the health of [thy] daughter...recovered?" (Jeremiah 8:22). If this sounds familiar, know that you are welcomed here with open arms.

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